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Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy

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Living and studying in Ukraine need not be expensive or complicated. Zaporozhye is one of the biggest cities in Ukraine. It is an industrial political administrative and cultural center of the Zaporozhye region. The population of Zaporozhye is about nine hundred thousand people. The main industrial branches are ferrous and non-ferrous Metallurgy, Production of Electric Power, Machine Building, Chemical and Food production. There are a lot of educational institutions in Zaporozhye too.
Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy is one of the most popular universities in the Zaporozhye region. It was founded in November 1959 as an evening faculty of Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, one of the oldest universities in Ukraine, and then it became the branch of the same institute. As an independent university, Zaporozhye Industrial Institute was open in January 1976. In 1994 it was accredited as a Technical University and since then it has been known as Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy.
We have well equipped laboratories and the computer class net. A great number of professors work here, among them there are academicians, Academy correspondent members, Doctors of Philosophy, Doctors of sciences and Masters of Science.
Among the graduates there are members of the Ukraine Government, Directors of many industrial enterprises of the Zaporozhye region.
During the last 20 years the academy trained more than 20 thousand specialists for the industrial enterprises of the Zaporozhye district. Specialists, who have got their education at the Academy, now work successfully in Ukraine and in 57 other countries of the world. About 10000 students study at the day and at the correspondence departments of the Academy. There are 200 post-graduate students of technical schools.
Languages of teaching are Russian and Ukrainian. Professor SHVETS E.Y. heads the academy.Depending on the term of education, Engineering Academy trains specialists on different Educational and Qualification levels.
Degree of bachelor (4 academic years) is offered in: Metallurgy, Ecology, Economics and Business, Management, Construction, Water Resources, Computing Science, Electronics, Engineering Mechanics, Power Engineering, Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies.
Degree of Specialist (1 academic year) and Master of sciences (1-2 academic years) are offered in:
Ferrous Metallurgy;
Non- Ferrous Metallurgy;
Metallurgical Equipment;
Metal Pressure Processing;
Hydro-Power Engineering;
Heat and Power Engineering;
Electronic Systems;
Physical and Biomedical Electronics;
Automated Control of Technological Processes;
Power Engineering Management;
Water Supply and Sewage System;
Industrial and Civil Engineering;
Municipal Economy and Civil Engineering;
Software of Automated Systems;
Economic Cybernetics;
Industrial Management;
Finance and Credit;
Account and Audit;
Economy of Enterprise.
Applied Ecology and Balanced Environmental Management
New specialities are in the process of introduction: Microelectronic Systems, Projects Management, Heating, Gas Sypply and Ventilation.
Post-graduate department and post-degree faculty are funtioning in the academy.
Since 1978 foreign students have been trained at the Academy. They may apply for admission to study at the Academy if they hold a recognized secondary school certificate.
There is a Preparatory Department, which has been function since 1990. It prepares candidates for entering the Academy and other Higher Schools in Ukraine and CIS. Students from the Near East, Asia, Africa, Latin America are taught at the Academy. The future students will study in Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Chemistry, Engineering Graphics, Plotting, and Biology.Entrance to the Preparatory Department of the Academy is free of examinations, which is open to any foreign students under 30.
The applicants have to present the following documents:
  • questionnaire
  • secondary education certificate (in original and copy);
  • addition to the secondary education certificate in original and copy (marks);
  • a copy of Birth certificate;
  • a medical certificate showing the possibility to adapt the climate features in Ukraine;
  • a copy of national passport;
  • an Insurance policy;
  • 8 photos 4x6 sm;
  • certificate of foreign Ukrainian (if in the presence)
  • The academic year at the Preparatory Department starts on September 1st. Foreign students are provided with the student card. Tuition fee.
    The price of our courses is about 1000 USD per year. A cashless settlement is available. On graduation students obtain Preparatory Department Certificate, which gives them an opportunity to continue further training at the Academy or other higher schools in Ukraine.
    Students` hostel is available for Preparatory Department students. Foreigners have the right to rent a flat at the airport representatives of the Academy can meet foreign citizens.
    Foreign citizens as well as educated at ZSEA can use all facilities, they are: rooms, libraries, reading halls, gyms, and cultural areas. All the rights and freedom determined by present laws of Ukraine are guaranteed to them.
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